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Hi, I'm Peta, qualified Nutrition health coach, wife and mother of two beautiful girls, and recently a little boy. After having my girls I decided to follow my passion for healthy food and retrained as a Nutritional health coach. I have created Whole Health Habits to empower you to make healthier choices, get back to Whole (real) foods and the kitchen and create new habits with simple, nutritious recipes. 

Before I retrained I thought we ate pretty well and consumed a well balanced diet, however since I began the course in Functional Nutrition I feel like a new World has opened up to me. I have learnt to listen to my body and avoid foods that make my stomach upset like gluten, dairy and refined sugars. I am still learning and experimenting with new recipes. I am also trying to rebuild my gut microbiome after years of mistreating it, with homemade fermented foods and probiotics. I am passionate about teaching my kids the importance of consuming a variety of foods from meat to fruit, vegetables and legumes. Living in rural Victoria we are very lucky to be able to access beautiful local produce from our local farmers.

It is an exciting time to be in this industry as we are constantly learning more about the human body and its innate intelligence to heal itself. I invite you to come on this journey with me and start to make some small changes to what you eat and see how you feel.

I don't believe in "diets", I believe in real whole foods that will nourish your body, sustain your energy and leave you satisfied. 

I am passionate about creating healthy and wholesome meals that are delicious and simple and I hope that I can inspire you to add some new recipes to your weekly shop!

I hope you enjoy!

Peta Comfort

Peta Comfort Nutrition consultant
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