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Next Workshop:

When: Sunday 24th March (1pm-2pm)

Where: 3D Physio, Kennington

Cost: $45 

Join me in my next workshop, as I discuss gut health and show you how easy it is to make your own simple and delicious sauerkraut and other fermented foods.

Fermented food
Peta Comfort Nutrition Consultant
Fermented foods and healthy snacks

I can help you set and achieve goals, with wholefoods that suit you and your family and are easy to prepare and cook. I can teach you how to read food labels, organise and clean out your pantry, fridge/freezer and develop meals and recipes that suit your dietary requirements. 

I offer the following consultations:

  • 1 hour Initial consultation*

  • 45min follow up consultation* 

  • 1-2 week meal ideas and plans 

  • Recipes


*Consultations include meal plans and recipes

I am happy to put together a tailored package to suit your needs and requirements. 

For more information, contact      today. 

Peta Comfort Nutrition consultant

I am passionate about informing and educating all ages and am available to speak at schools, daycare's, kindergartens, even workplaces about the importance of food and better food choices. For more information, contact      today.

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